Peter Meenen, PhD


Director of R&D and Chief Engineer

Dr. Peter Meenen’s broad technical background encompasses both academic and professional accomplishments. He has more than 15 years of experience in advanced technology research, development and product design with a focus on medical and biometric imaging devices. He has extensive experience in first time commercialization of new and innovative technologies involving specialized camera systems operating in the visible and near infrared spectrum, digital image processing, custom high speed digital computing electronics and software application development. His experience also includes qualification, testing, certification and manufacturing of high reliability medical devices.

Prior to joining HyperMed, Dr. Meenen held positions at companies in the medical device and aerospace sectors. He was Chief Engineer for the technical design and development of multiple generations of vascular imaging products for Luminetx. Dr. Meenen has dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Computer Science, a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in signal and image processing.

HyperMed’s new tissue oximetry device called HyperView™ is FDA 510(k) cleared.
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